Florida businesses and families are still trying to calculate their BP claims and measure their losses from the oil spill


The complete economic effects of the oil spill on the economy of Florida have yet to be fully calculated. Millions of individuals and businesses suffered from the tarnished beaches and the media paranoia which surrounded the oil spill. In particular the sudden and rapid decline of tourism along Florida’s Gulf Coast affected almost every single industry and individual. It is hard to walk down the streets of Tampa, Panama City, Clearwater, or Pensacola without running into individuals who have stories of how their incomes took a drastic hit due to the BP spill.

There are also stories from those same people who say that BP has failed in their promise to make things right. Every day we hear from people who are frustrated and disappointed at BP and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. They see the Gulf Coast Claims Facility or GCCF as a system with rules that constantly change, lacks any transparency or consistency, and generally fails to communicate with the very individuals it was tasked to help. Luckily, the GCCF has been closed, and a new court monitored program, Deepwater Horizon Settlements, is replacing the GCCF. It has $7.8 Billion dollars set aside for BP claimants.

How can you recover lost income and revenue?

If you are a business owner or individual who is fed up with BP and the now defunct Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) and you feel like you cannot get them to hear your case it is time to think about hiring an attorney for you Florida bp claims. BP’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility also known as GCCF was known for not paying businesses or individuals nearly enough to offset their losses, nor even cover their bills. With the help of an attorney with experience dealing with BP and located in Key Largo, you can rest assured the most compensation possible will be sought after. The new BP settlement program is much more efficient than the GCCF. Fill out the simple form for a free confidential case review.

Florida Tourism Industry Suffers Due to Perception of Polluted Beaches & Fish

More than two years after the BP Oil Spill ravaged marine wildlife and businesses along the gulf coast, the public perception of Florida still remains that seafood is not safe to eat. However, we know that Florida beaches are clean and the fish are safe to eat.

BP spent $30 million to advertise the safety of Florida’s beaches and seafood; yet marketing from BP, a company that has done little to develop the trust of the public, has failed in it is goal of getting tourist levels back to pre oil spill levels.

The media frenzy over the BP disaster has also resulted in severe misconceptions over where and which beaches in Florida saw oil. A Conde Nast Traveler Research Center study created shortly after the spill reported that almost 20% of Americans believed oil reached the shores of the Tampa and the Florida Keys. Even those who knew better showed a reluctance to vacation anywhere in the state. It will take some time for those views to completely go away.

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill has severely damaged Florida’s $60 billion tourism industry because of the negative perception it has created for thousands of people. As a result, revenues of businesses catering to the tourist sector have severely declined.


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